The-Astronomer-Cover-smThe Astronomer

Loving someone madly, obsessively, to the point of addiction can be heaven … or hell.

The year is 2165. A new blood group has evolved, and biological pairing, called mating, has replaced the old-world marriage ritual. When a stranger saves astronomer Dr. Fraya Riber from drowning, her body goes into a strange state of arousal. Bound to be paired with another, Fraya frantically searches for the answers to the phenomenon that soon becomes an unwelcome addiction. Nothing has prepared her for this painful dependence, and nothing will prepare her for the cure, or the identity of her enigmatic savior.

Can physical passion craft a bond that will last a lifetime?

The Astronomer is a futuristic, erotic romance wrapped in astronomy, mystery and archeological legends. It contains graphic language, sexual power play and frequent, consummated love scenes. This book is recommended for an adult audience..READ MORE / BUY THE BOOK



second-best-cover-smSecond Best

When a hardened war journalist falls in love with a juvenile delinquent, the battle becomes a fight to redeem his soul, and to save hers.

The first time that Molly sees Malcolm is in Oudtshoorn, South Africa in 1978, when he jumps from the back of an army truck to challenge her through the school yard fence. Little did she know then, when she boldly gave him the middle finger, how their lives would become intertwined… READ MORE / BUY THE BOOK



Front-Cover-BYATBetween Yesterday & Tomorrow

If we let go of the past, we can meet the person we can share our future with.

On the night Marlien Marais has a fight with her fiancé, he takes off in a rage and disappears from her life. For eight years Marlien has lived with questions, guilt and sorrow. Her survival mechanism is submerging herself in an emotionless existence. When her estranged French grandmother passes away, Marlien inherits the family estate in Castries, France, and is forced to face her suppressed feelings when she suddenly… READ MORE / BUY THE BOOK



Front-Conver-FIBetween Fire & Ice

If you were the last fertile woman on earth, would you indulge a man forced to marry you to safe the world?

Ciro Augusto Dominguez (Cy) is heir to the powerful mining empire of his parents in Chile, South America. The survival of his family’s fortune depends on his ability to sire a son, a daunting prospect, as the human race is becoming infertile. At thirty years of age, Cy’s parents commands him to marry Elena, who was artificially… READ MORE / BUY THE BOOK



Winemaker-2The Winemaker

When people are like wine, labels become poems, and the tasting the winemaker’s seduction of a woman’s senses.

Chilean winemaker Etán Perez-Cruz is described by the world as a superstar in his industry. Besides creating award-winning cultivars that took first prizes in international blind tastings, he excels in running the most successful vineyard in Chile, and everything else he puts his mind to, except self-expression. Londoner Zenobia Rambling considers… READ MORE / BUY THE BOOK



The Krinar Experiment


When Drako’s space pod malfunctions over Johannesburg, his secret reconnaissance mission goes horribly wrong. Wounded in the crash, he’s captured by the South African Secret Service who sees an opportunity to strengthen their army and make a fortune by using the alien pilot in an unorthodox experiment. READ MORE / BUY THE BOOK