Winemaker-2The Winemaker

When people are like wine, labels become poems, and the tasting the winemaker’s seduction of a woman’s senses.

Chilean winemaker Etán Perez-Cruz is described by the world as a superstar in his industry. Besides creating award-winning cultivars that took first prizes in international blind tastings, he excels in running the most successful vineyard in Chile, and everything else he puts his mind to, except self-expression.

Londoner Zenobia Rambling considers herself a little bit overweight and utterly average. When she crashes head-first into Etán’s life after a series of unfortunate events, he fights the hedonistic effect she has on his strongly developed senses. Dumped by her fiancé shortly after immigrating to Chile for their wedding, Zenna finds herself out of luck, money, and a job.

Etán has the answer to her financial dilemma, but when it comes to light that Zenna’s life is in danger because of her visionary gift, Etán engages in a battle not only to keep her safe, but also to keep his all-consuming love from destroying her happiness, and his brother.

The Winemaker is a romance that celebrates the physical and spiritual senses, in which wine becomes the sensual personification of the characters, with a surprising paranormal twist.


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“Soon, I not only longed for a glass of Chilean Wine but the winemaker himself! Steamy, hard to put down, and well written – I would highly recommend The Winemaker.”

“It brings together all my favourite things: wine, foreign countries and romance.”

“The Winemaker plays with your senses in a deliciously decadent way. It is as if you can taste the characters. The sheer relation between feeling, touch, smell and of course taste makes you jealous and longing for someone to play the same sensual game with you.”

“The story leaves you anxious, excited and hungry for more. This is a romantic novel that warms your heart. It is a true page turner that takes you out of this world and into a fantasy.” 

“Now longing for someone to tell me MY lips taste like toasted caramel and that I overwhelm them with my shampoo…sigh.”

“This book is filled with passion that takes your breath away … in delectable detail.”

“I read this book in under 20 hours (irritated that I had to put it down to go to sleep) and in the process I learned a lot about winemaking and Chile. In fact, the Chilean vineyard is so well described that by the time I finished, I felt like I’d been on vacation.”

“Hotness factor: It makes you beg for it and when it finally comes… Madre de dio!”

“They will, they won’t… the pace of the story made you feel like you were watching several juicy episodes… Etan and Zenobia’s torture looks, emotions, passion… the love triangle… you name it, Charmaine Pauls brought it!”


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