Aeromancist, The Beginning (Book 2, novella, AIR)

Passion always comes with a price.

All that Russian aeromancist Lann Dréan wants, is to enjoy a month of peace in the privately owned convent in Santiago he is turning into a home. When an American literature student walks into his library of antique books, his holiday intentions change. The untouchable Lann is inexplicably enraptured. For all his famed control, he cannot keep his hands off Katherine White.

Gifted with a hunted talent and a price on his head, the best Lann can offer Kat are thirty days of the best sex of her life before returning to his paranormal crime taskforce in New York. If Kat consents to his terms, she will walk away on Day Thirty. Forever. But what Lann cannot know, is that his uncontainable desire will come with a devastating price.

This is a novella of 157 pages. It is the prequel to Aeromancist (Book 2) of the Seven Forbidden Arts series and contains a cliffhanger. The story is an erotic romance with frequent, consummated love scenes and explicit language, including light bondage, sex toys and breath play. Reader discretion is advised.


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“Think City of Angels with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan.”

“Author Charmaine Pauls easily draws the reader into Lann and Kat’s story, you can’t help but get caught up in the great mixture of erotic romance, paranormal activities, and suspense that is intertwined throughout the story.”

“The storyline flows so smoothly that you don’t even realize how many pages you have read until you get to the dramatic conclusion.”

“I couldn’t put it down. Once you start you won’t be able to start. A must read series… Can’t wait to read more.”

“This book will keep you hanging until the very end. The suspense is fantastic and delicately weaved into the steaming romance.”

“It is a paranormal romance so while we are heavy on romance we are also heavy on a paranormal story line, which is absolutely fascinating and so well written – I really enjoyed them. It’s like having a whole new world open up to you beyond vampires, weres, demons, fallen angels, etc. It’s refreshing to have a whole new paranormal society out there for us to enjoy.”


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