Pyromancist-cover1Pyromancist (Book 1, FIRE)

When you play with fire, you get burned.

At the same time as mysterious fires commence to rage through Clelia d’Ambois’ home village in Brittany, France, she starts sleepwalking. Daughter of a Japanese orphan, Clelia’s heritage is riddled with dark secrets that threaten anyone she loves. In a recurring nightmare she sees Josselin, the haunted man who abandoned their village nine years earlier, come for her, but she doesn’t know why. All she knows is that she has to run. As fast as she can.

Leader of a paranormal crime taskforce, Josselin de Arradon is called back to his hometown with a mission–find and kill the firestarter responsible for Larmor-Baden’s blazing destruction. Sensing that Clelia is the key to solving the crime, Josselin kidnaps her to use her as bait. The battle doesn’t turn out quite as he expected. Nothing could have prepared him for the truth, or the depth of his desire for his prisoner.

Pyromancist is a dark erotic paranormal romance. This is Book 1 of the Seven Forbidden Arts series, but also reads as a stand-alone. It contains adult content with explicit language and consummated love scenes. This book is recommended for an adult audience.


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“OH MY WORD! A slow burn, in every sense of the word!!”

“You get hints, snippets, clues and you get slaps up-side the head! You get love and hate, life and death and oh! so much more!”

“OMG! The tension was too much for moments. Clelia and Josselin have a turbulent relationship. The spark flies all the time, the energy between them is almost suffocating and whenever they are alone the temperature goes wild.”

“A must read that will leave you wanting more, this story has is all from romance, to suspense and even some hot steamy scenes that will leave you feeling HOT. Can’t wait to read more.”

“This book creates the perfect balance between suspense and passion. It keeps you wanting more. It turned me into a lover of paranormal romance.”


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