Aeromancist (Second Edition) is live!

The conclusion of Katherine and Lann’s story is here with the relaunch of Aeromancist (7 Forbidden Arts, Book 3). This paranormal romance was originally published in 2015. You can now get your hands on the revamped version of this series.

Lann is the master of air. His ability to manipulate the weather is a highly coveted art.

“A man can bring the world to its knees with the threat of an ice age. Or how about just America with pending hurricanes? A man who rules the weather, rules the crops. Crops are food. Food is a very, very dangerous commodity. You’d be surprised how much people with money will pay for food when they have none.”

When Lann runs into Katherine, she moves the air for him, something that only exists in legends, not to mention a powerful aphrodisiac for a man who rules the air. In a moment of weakness, he unknowingly seals her fate. The consequences are devastating, and as the full impact of his actions dawns on the couple, Lann is left to pick up the pieces while Katherine will pay the ultimate price.

What readers say

“From the previous book we already saw Lann’s possessive side. Seriously wait until you see his alpha side in this story. You will be swooning over him.” – Jess Boschock
“To say this is a page turner is an understatement. You get paper cuts.” – Jo
“I loved Lann and Kat in the previous book but reading about their struggles here pushed me into total adoration.” – Carvanz

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