A forbidden romance

Book 3, Seven Forbidden Arts

All he could offer was thirty days of passion.
He condemned her to a terrible fate instead.
Now he’ll do everything in his power to save her.

He is known as the Weatherman. Lann Dréan is the last of his kind. With a price on his head and hunted for a power he shouldn’t possess, he can’t promise Katherine forever. All he can offer is thirty days of the best sex of her life. But his uncontainable desire comes with an unforeseen and devastating price. Lann’s lust will cost Kat everything. Now he’ll do anything to save her from the fate he has brought upon her.

(This forbidden romance is Book 3 of the Seven Forbidden Arts series, but also reads as a stand-alone.)

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The storyline flows so smoothly that you don’t even realize how many pages you have read until you get to the dramatic conclusion.
I couldn’t put it down. Once you start you won’t be able to start. A must read series… Can’t wait to read more.

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