Between Fire & Ice

She’s the last fertile woman on earth, forced to marry a man to save the world.

Cy is heir to the powerful mining empire of his parents in South America. The survival of his family’s fortune depends on his ability to sire a son, a daunting prospect, as the human race is becoming infertile.

At thirty years of age, Cy’s parents commands him to marry Elena, who was artificially inseminated by their scientists and raised in secret for one purpose only – to have Cy’s baby. A woman Cy has never seen holds the key to his future, in ways he could never imagine. And maybe the prophesies of them saving mankind from extinction will come true … if only Cy can outrun the cruel fate that is thrown upon them by his parents’ cold-hearted experiment when they created Elena.

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Wow!!! What a great story. I really enjoyed reading this book and the author completely drew me into the story from page one and that was it, I was gripped right to the end.
I will read and reread this. I love this. I need another book. A new book. Immediately, lol.

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Between Fire & Ice