Coerced Queen

New York Underworld, Book 3

My husband will never love me, but I’m in this now until death do us part.

The man who threatened to carry me over his shoulder down the aisle and marry me at knifepoint is both my captor and my liberator. He makes me weak and strong at the same time.

Before, he didn’t give me an option. Now, there’s a choice. But he’s determined to push me away.

If I’m wise, I’ll take that freedom and run for my life. Because the heart of the man who captured and saved me will always belong to the woman who broke it. The man who calls himself my husband will never be mine.

Only, there is no choice for me any longer. It’s way too late to walk away.

I’m in this war now … until death do us part.

Note: Coerced Queen is Book 3 in the dark mafia romance trilogy, New York Underworld, and concludes Anya and Saverio’s story. Coerced Kiss (Book 1) and Coerced Wife (Book 2) must be read first.

Coming on 16 December 2024


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