Coerced Wife

New York Underworld, Book 2

He offers me protection, but the bed of a killer isn’t a safe place to be.

I got myself in a predicament. Powerful people on both sides of the law want me dead. A killer needs me alive for his own selfish reasons, reasons I never could’ve imagined in my wildest dreams.

I’m not safe in the bed of a cold–blooded murderer, but I don’t have a choice. On the one hand, he offers me protection, and on the other, he tightens the noose.

I’m caught in his web of lies and deceit. Every truth that’s uncovered destroys me a little more. But he’s already injected me with his venomous seduction.

Before I know it, he’ll swallow me whole.

Note:  Coerced Wife is Book 2 of the New York Underworld trilogy. Coerced Kiss (Book 1) must be read first. Anya and Saverio’s story concludes in Coerced Queen (Book 3).

Coming on 18 November 2024


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