Corsican Crime Lord

The Complete Series

A ruthless crime lord. A broken marriage contract. He’ll claim his bride at any price.

My father never intended to honor his promise to marry me to the most despised crime lord in Corsica. He thought that handshake would be long forgotten. Until Angelo Russo shows up at my sixteenth birthday party and demands his due when I turn eighteen. A man to whom no one dares say no is determined to take what he considers as his, especially when he’s told he can’t have it.

The war is on. He’ll claim me at any price, no matter the consequences. And the cost will be high, because behind that face of an angel lurks a demon, and in that body of a god beats the heart of a devil.

“Gorgeously written and brimming with scorching-hot chemistry, this dark, angst-filled romance kept me riveted from the first page to the last!” – Anna Zaires, New York Times bestselling author

“Charmaine Pauls has another amazing dark romance coming soon that I promise will twist you up in knots once again. Stock up on those tissues!” – Buffyanna, Goodreads

“Hold on tight for the ride of your life!” – Jo, Goodreads




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