A dark romance

Book 5, Seven Forbidden Arts

All is fair in love and war, especially when the loot is his woman.

Sean Rivers lives with a dangerous secret. He possesses a forbidden art. As geomancist, it is in his power to destroy landscapes with earthquakes and volcanoes. Hunted by forces of both good and evil, Sean’s job as mixologist in Cartagena, Colombia is the perfect cover. Until Asia, a zesty beautician walks into his life and wrecks the very laws of physics.

When Sean and Asia compete for the premises where Sean intends to open his cocktail bar, he pulls out all the stops to win the challenge … to Asia’s detriment. Together they end up catering for the guests of a drug baron who rented Isla del Pirata for a week-long birthday celebration, and the kingpin has no intention of letting Asia leave. If Sean is to rescue the woman he claimed as his, he’ll have to use his art, blow his cover, and maybe even his life.

(This dark romance is Book 5 of the Seven Forbidden Arts, but also reads as a stand-alone.)

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Sean and Asia are perfect together, their relationship is raw, primal and addictive. The sex scenes were off the chart, the fire was consuming and the trust they have in each other brings us scenes that are recorded in our brains forever.
This book is just as exciting and nerve wracking as the previous ones in the Seven Forbidden Arts series. You won’t want to stop reading and will beg for the next installment! 5 stars!

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