The Astronomer

Loving someone madly, obsessively, to the point of addiction can be heaven … or hell.

The year is 2165. A new blood group has evolved, and biological pairing, called mating, has replaced the old-world marriage ritual. When a stranger saves astronomer Dr. Fraya Riber from drowning, her body goes into a strange state of arousal. Bound to be paired with another, Fraya frantically searches for the answers to the phenomenon that soon becomes an unwelcome addiction. Nothing has prepared her for this painful dependence, and nothing will prepare her for the cure, or the identity of her enigmatic savior.

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The sexual chemistry between Fraya and Emilio is extremely volatile. If they were a Molotov cocktail, they would have caught fire and exploded!
An unusual and richly textured erotic romance with fully fleshed-out characters and intriguing world-building. The sexual chemistry between Fraya and Emilio is off-the-charts hot, and their relationship is complex, evolving throughout the book.

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The Astronomer