The Winemaker

A sensual romance of the physical and spiritual senses with a surprising paranormal twist.

Dumped by her fiancé shortly after immigrating to Chile for their wedding, Zenna finds herself out of luck, money, a fiancé, and a job. When her path crosses with award-winning winemaker, Etán’s, he offers a solution to her financial dilemma and an attraction neither is prepared for. Their secrets can only complicate a love affair. When it comes to light that Zenna’s life is in danger, Etán engages in a battle not only to keep her safe, but also to keep his growing obsession with Zenna from destroying his brother’s happiness.

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The Winemaker plays with your senses in a deliciously decadent way. It is as if you can taste the characters. The sheer relation between feeling, touch, smell and of course taste makes you jealous and longing for someone to play the same sensual game with you.
This book is filled with passion that takes your breath away … in delectable detail.

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The Winemaker