The Exchange

A group of South African women from diverse socio-economic backgrounds are brought together by a book club. Conflicting moral opinions regarding a sexual liaison of one of their members cast the spotlight on their inability to embrace each other’s differences. The underlying tension reflects a crisscrossed spectrum of dysfunctional relationships in which choice becomes the pivot point.

The Bully

Mildred is the newcomer to town. Her integration into society is complicated by competitiveness between the moms of her daughter’s preschool class. When one of the boys in the course is labeled a bully, the women have to choose sides. Their respective choices unveil bullying in various degrees and dimensions of society.

A Miracle for Christmas

Michael Slanders only wants a steady job and a family of his own, but instead he lives from hand to mouth with his sick mother.

Fired a week before Christmas and down on his luck, Mike needs nothing short of a miracle, until an abandoned, scruffy dog comes into his life. Sometimes, goodness prevails. Sometimes, miracles happen.

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