Imperfect Intentions is live!

Imperfect Intentions is live! The book is now available in e-book, paperback, and a stunning hardcover. The audiobook will follow soon. I’m blown away by your beautiful reviews and by all the love Violet and Leon are receiving. This is what reviewers say…

“Wow! What a ride!” – Mary S., Goodreads

“The chemistry between Leon and Violet is smoking hot!” ­– Kelly Gregory, Goodreads

“Another gripping tale from Charmaine Pauls that leaves you spellbound.” – Amy Toward, Goodreads

My kind of dark romance book: perfection! 5 Stars!” – D.K., Goodreads

“Absolutely LOVED everything about this book and cannot wait to continue this story in Book 2.” – D. K., Goodreads

“Exceptional! Another 5 star read from Charmaine Pauls. I didnt think I could love a Hart brother more than Ian, but it turns out Leon is a romance dark horse … a romance fantasy wrapped up in a well tailored suit.” – Sarah Poulton, Goodreads

“Omg!!! … Leon!!!!! He is my new book boyfriend!!!!” – Jamillah Smith, Goodreads

Violet and Leon’s story concludes in Imperfect Affections, Book 2. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long. The final book releases in little less than a month on 21 June.


Imperfect Intentions

I tried hard to remain invisible, particularly here. In my circles, it’s dangerous to be noticed, especially by men like Leon Hart. He’s different than the other men who work for my stepfather. Quiet. Intense. He’s not a brain or a muscle. He’s both. And more.

There’s a darkness to him that only dangerous men acquire. I should know. I grew up with dangerous men. So when he sets his sights on becoming a partner in the company that rules the IT underworld and I’m the bonus my stepfather throws into the deal, I know I have to fight as dirty as necessary to escape my fate.


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A very big thank you for making the launch of Imperfect Intentions such a huge success. I appreciate every review, all the good wishes, the beautiful feedback, and your amazing love and support. Imperfect Affections, Book 2, promises to be a memorable grand finale to the Diamond Magnate series. Is it really coming to an end?!

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