‘The rope scene’ excerpt, Old Enough (#1, The Age Between Us)

Coming on 17 July!

~ A dark romance ~

I’m old enough to drive a car, buy alcohol, and enter a club.
I’m old enough to take responsibility for my actions.
I’m old enough for her.
No matter what her middle-aged friends or society says.
No matter she’s the age of my mother.
No matter why or how I met her.
I’ll take those secrets to my grave.
And her with them.
If those secrets don’t ruin us first.

(Old Enough is Book 1 of The Age Between Us duology. Book 2, Young Enough, will be available on 28 August 2018.)

‘The rope scene’ Excerpt:


An instantaneous cold sweat breaks out over my skin. I fling around to assess the danger. My gaze falls on the profile of a man. My body jerks. I barely contain a scream before I recognize him. Brian. He’s shirtless, wearing torn jeans that hugs his body as if it was designed to make him look like a sex god. A sheen of perspiration emphasizes the well-cut muscles of his torso. A dishcloth is thrown over one shoulder. Leaning back against the sink, he runs his gaze over me.

His voice is dark seduction. “Hello, princess.”

“Shit.” I place a palm over my heart.“You scared me.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

I have more to say, but it takes a moment to regain my composure. Something is different. I look around. The mess I left before going out has been cleaned. The table is cleared, the dirty dishes are gone, and the counters wiped down.

“What are you doing here?” I ask. “How did you get in?”

“I fixed a few things while I waited.” He throws a thumb toward the sink. “Dripping tap. Hook coming out of the wall. And I got in using a key.”

“A key?”

Warning bells go off in my mind. He’s acting like a stalker. I don’t like it, and I do. The latter confuses me.

“I took the key number when I installed the security equipment and had one made.”

“You can’t do that.” I close the door to the garage, making sure to lock it. “This is an invasion of my privacy.”

“Ask me to leave, and I will.”

I part my lips, but I can’t form the words. It’s wrong to let him stay. It’s unwise. Yet, I’ve never wanted something–or someone–more in my life.

He straightens, a small smile bringing out his dimple. “Shall I take that as an invitation?”

His tone is soft. Soothing. I can’t make myself throw him out. My body starts to buzz with something more than the side-effect of the pill. Excitement. Anticipation. A little bit of fear. It’s the good kind, the kind I discovered with Evan.

“You can’t come and go as you please,” I say in an effort to salvage what I can of my common sense.

“I’m careful.” He takes a few steps forward. “That’s why my truck is parked around the corner. And I knew Abby wouldn’t be here.”

After wiping his hands on the dishcloth, he hangs it neatly on the rail fixed to the counter. I’m speechless, unable to formulate anything cognitive. My body is drawn to him like a vampire to blood. If I send him away, I’ll miss out on a night filled with endless possibilities. Who knows how long what we have will last? Can I throw away this chance for the sake of sane and wise?

I already know the answer before he’s leaning on the counter with his palms, studying me with his unique kind of unwavering attention, and so does he. As always with us, words fall to the wayside. I’m utterly and completely caught in his web. He can be a spider with venom, ready to devour his prey, or a praying mantis about to eat its mate. I’m entranced. Hypnotized. I can’t move from my spot by the door. While he’s at ease with the silence, happy to just stand there and watch me like I’m prey, I need to find something to say.

“You cleaned my kitchen.”

His lips tilt in the sexiest way. “Obviously.”

That damn dimple. “Why?”

He shrugs. “I knew you’d probably come home late and be tired.”

His consideration makes a dent in my apprehension. No one has ever made my life easier in such a sweet way.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he says in that same warm tone from earlier.

He lifts something from the counter, holding it in both hands. A coil of rope. He gives a pluck, testing the stretch. He doesn’t say anything. He simply holds my eyes, his gaze communicating a thousand words.

The fear I crave blooms in my chest. The chain breaks, and the dragon is free. My breath catches more at that knowledge than the sight of the rope.

He walks around the counter and stops a distance away from me. “Go to the bedroom and undress. When you’re naked, lie down on the bed. Don’t speak unless you have questions or requests. Otherwise, feel free to be as loud as you wish.”

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