The trilogy is complete!

The Beauty in the Stolen trilogy is complete! If you joined me on Cas and Ian’s journey from the start, I hope the conclusion will be everything you hope for. If you waited to binge read, the time has finally arrived. This trilogy has all the feels. Cas and Ian’s love is like no other. Their story will break your heart and tenderly mend it again. I hope the final book will leave you with an abundance of happiness and love. I grabbed a few of my favorite review quotes from Goodreads…

“I’ve never experienced a book hangover like it.” – Kirsty Diamond, Goodreads

“Once again, [Charmaine] delivers a bold and emotional storyline that makes us cry and rage and reflect, but definitely won’t leave us complacent. Her words are bold, poetic, and resonant. This story made me think and feel so hard that my head and my heart were at war! It is artistic manipulation at its most brilliant.” – Buffyanna, Goodreads

“Be prepared to go on a crazy, exciting, heartbreaking journey.” – Amber White, Goodreads

“This book will wreak havoc on your heart, your peace, your emotions and even on your very soul, leaving you mind-blown into oblivion by its phenomenally flawless writing!” – Ana Elena, Goodreads

“That’s got to be the best book I have read in a very long time!” – Emma Casley, Goodreads

“Filled with heartache and revenge, this edge-of-your-seat adventure was riveting and filled with so much emotion I couldn’t help but fall in love with these characters over and over again.” – Diane, Goodreads

STOLEN LOVE (Book 3, Beauty in the Broken)

Once upon a time, a thief stole me in the middle of the night. He took what he wanted, gave me an illusion, and ripped it all away to claim his ultimate trophy. My heart may be physically weak, but fighting to live made me stronger. I won’t perish as easily as that. I’m turning the tables on him. After all, I learned from the best. I’m robbing him of what he stole from me.

Note: Stolen Love concludes the trilogy.

Don’t miss out on the amazing dual audiobook narration by Adara Stevens and Lee Turner Smith! You’ll love Adara’s flawless interpretation of Cas. She brings tears to my eyes. Every time. Lee has one of the hottest new voices on the romance scene. Once you’ve read the story, sit back and let him tell it to you in his alpha voice.

Available in e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook.

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