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Ian Hart is the most notorious criminal in the country. Like the thief he is, he came in the dark and stole a night of my life.

He left me with souvenirs. Disaster and fear are my new realities. I’ll forever look over my shoulder, terrified he’d return, because when he took me, he stole more than just a few hours of my time.

His crime has consequences neither of us could’ve imagined. If I’m to escape the nightmare of my life, I have to outsmart him. If I’m to survive, I have to outwit every enemy he’s turned against me, including Ian himself, the most dangerous and cleverest man I know.

Diamonds are Forever

She was just another nameless person to pluck from her life in the gamble of our business, but she’s a pretty wildflower pushing through the cracks on a pavement—fragile yet resilient. Men like me are unfeeling. Our label? Psychopath. That’s the price of running the French mafia. I’ll make her mine, even if how I do it will make flowers wilt.

Mafia Romance – Charmaine Pauls 2021

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