Stolen Life

Book 2, Beauty in the Stolen


Ian Hart stole a night of my life but he took so much more. His obsession pinned a label on me. His lust put me in an impossible situation. Now I have to choose sides. I have to decide between right and wrong. Only, no matter what choice I make, each comes with dreadful consequences. There’s only one way this can end—how every tragedy ends.

*Stolen Life is Book 2 of the Beauty in the Stolen trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. Stolen Lust (Book 1) must be read to follow the story. Book 3 will be released on 22 June 2021.

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“5 Unbelievably Amazing Stars.” – 1-Click Addict Support Group


“A brilliantly written volatile love story with cruel twists, intense passion and breathtaking feels.” – PP’s Bookshelf


“Dark, sinister, twisted, and addictively perfect! I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN.” – RLoves2Read


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