Book 9, 7 Forbidden Arts

Cain stalks his archenemy’s wife to find his elusive opponent, not knowing how his growing obsession with Olivia will change the rules and the battle.

Cain Jones is the leader of a paranormal crime task force dedicated to protecting mankind from the revival of evil and the dawning of a second Dark Age. The team under his command uses their seven forbidden arts secretively to fight their archenemy, Godfrey Reid, a man who is set on turning immortal and wiping out the human race.

Fighting battle after battle, Cain makes a breakthrough when he locates his opponent’s weakness—Mrs. Olivia Reid. She’s his only link to Godfrey and his only chance at accomplishing his mission. He’ll break her if he must. He’ll even steal her thoughts.

As the investigation progresses, Cain has to face a truth he doesn’t want to admit. He has an ulterior motive for personally keeping an eye on his enemy’s dwellings. Watching Olivia sleep, Cain soon becomes as obsessed with his archenemy’s woman as with killing Godfrey. She’s everything he’s ever wanted. But will she forgive him for killing her husband?

Note: Each story features a couple who get the HEA they deserve. There is also a series arc. The books in this series must be read in order. The series is complete. This is the second edition.


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