Old Enough (Book 1)

An Older Woman Younger Man Romance

Book 1, The Age Between Us
I’m old enough to drive a car, buy alcohol, and enter a club.
I’m old enough to take responsibility for my actions.
I’m old enough for her, no matter what her middle-aged friends or society says, no matter she’s the age of my mother.
No matter why or how I met her.
I’ll take those secrets to my grave, and her with them, if those secrets don’t ruin us first.

(Old Enough is Book 1 of The Age Between Us duology. Book 2, Young Enough, will be available on 28 August 2018. Both books must be read to follow the story.)

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"Complex, well written, deeply moving and powerfully engaging."
"The best older woman, younger man tropes I have read to date."

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Old Enough (Book 1)