A Spooky Paranormal Halloween Freebie

When I started out writing, I published a paranormal romance series about 7 super powers with a traditional publisher. After the rights reverted to me in 2020, I decided to polish and relaunch the stories. It took me a while to do so, but I’m happy to announce that the second edition of the 7 Forbidden Arts series is complete! To celebrate, I’m offering the first book for free. This is a slow-burn romance with all the plot twists and intense emotions you’d expect from my stories. What better way to spend the spooky season than curled up with a spicy, dark, spine-chilling read?

What to expect…

✔️ Dangerous action
✔️ Forbidden desire
✔️ Hard-earned love
✔️ Fated mates
✔️ Exotic international settings
✔️ HEA
✔️ Binge readable!

🔥 Apple Books: https://apple.co/3Nr6k0S
🔥 Google Play: http://bit.ly/PyroGoogle



The task force Joss heads up doesn’t play by the rules. When he has to catch a firestarter and Clelia is the only key to the culprit responsible for the mysterious arson, he doesn’t hesitate to kidnap her and use her as bait.

It’s a foolproof plan.

The only snag is his unforeseen reaction to his captive.

*Each book in the series features a couple who get the HEA they deserve. To follow the series arc, the books must be read in order.

Here’s a quick series overview…

Cain Jones heads a paranormal team possessing 7 super powers to prevent an elusive enemy from monopolizing technology and communication networks to take over the world. The cast will take you on a global tour of dangerous action, forbidden desire, and hard-earned love as they not only fight wars of power and justice but also meet their fated mates.

Joss kidnaps and uses Clelia as bait to catch a firestarter, but his desire for his captive compromises his mission.

Aeromancist, The Beginning
Katherine becomes the lover of a mysterious Russian library owner for 30 days at an unforeseen and devastating price.

Lann couldn’t foresee how his 30-day contract would destroy Katherine’s life. Can he save her from the fate he’d unknowingly dealt her?

Maya isn’t supposed to like the ambassador, let alone sleep with him. Her only focus should be on killing him.

When a drug lord holds Sean’s woman captive, he puts his life on the line to get her back. After all, it’s his fault she was taken.

Nine years ago, a poor and shamed Ivan took everything from Alice and left her cold. Now a famous rock star, he’s back to claim what belongs to him.

To protect the elephants, ranger Sara has to reclaim Wayne’s land. Can she destroy the man she’s falling in love with to save the near-extinct species? Can she trust a man convicted of murder?

Bono must steal Sky’s secrets, but there’s one she’ll protect with her life. Is she strong enough to resist his assault when his choice of weapon is seduction?

Cain stalks his archenemy’s wife to find his elusive opponent, not knowing how his growing obsession with Olivia will change the rules and the battle.

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