Love Like Poison Second Excerpt

Are you as excited as I am about the release of Love Like Poison? While you wait, here’s another teaser and an excerpt. Please scroll down…

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✔️Dark mafia romance
✔️Arranged marriage
✔️Possessive alpha-hole
✔️Untouched heroine

Excerpt from Love Like Poison (Corsican Crime Lord, Book One)


It’s difficult to breathe when he occupies all my space. It’s impossible to think with the silent nuance of that taunt trapped between us and with the truth that spills like liquid heat between my legs.

My weakness angers me. That I still want him after everything he’s done infuriates me. His power over me terrifies me.

It’s the anger and the fear that make me lash out, needling him in turn. It’s the alcohol in my blood that makes me brave. Irresponsible. “Don’t hold your breath.” My laugh is cold. “That first is no longer up for grabs.”

The change in him is instant and terrifying. Fury contorts his features. Calculation hardens the lines of his face. “Do not lie to me. Not about that.”

The thread stretches thinly between us. I sense the snap, but I don’t shut my mouth. “What? Did you really think Roch could be everywhere? In a dirty toilet stall in the mall? On the backseat of a car? In a dark parking lot? Behind the—”

The muscles of his jaw bunch as he strikes faster than I can anticipate, fisting his hand in my hair and tugging my face up. “You don’t want to go there. Not with me.”

“Oh.” I blink, making an innocent face. “I thought you might want the juicy details. Where it happened. How many times we did it.” I’m pushing, not caring that I’m taking us over the edge. “How big his c@ck was.”

He spits out the words. “You’re lying.”

“Really?” I hold his gaze with a brazen challenge. “Am I?”

He tightens his fingers in my hair. My scalp stings where he’s pulling the roots, but I doubt the discomfort he inflicts is conscious. He’s too consumed with fury to register the strength of his grip.

“Last chance to be honest, bella.”

I hate the invisible chains he put on me. I want to break them so badly I’ll do anything, even let him believe the lie. “It was amazing. Best f#ck of my life. There. I’ve confessed. That first wasn’t yours. Do you know what the best part was? It was knowing you wouldn’t get what you wanted. That alone made every second enjoyable.”

The look in his eyes shifts. The chilling expression on his face almost makes me want to retract the untruth I told, but the impulse only lasts for a second before a buildup of frustration and resentment that stretched over months steels my heart again.

“My, you look disappointed. I bet you’re dying to know what you missed out on. Are you sure you don’t want the details, Angelo?”

“There’s only one thing I’m interested in,” he says measuredly, his nostrils flaring. “His name.”

I purse my lips.

“Who?” He shakes me. “Give me his name.”

I meet his cold rage and blazing jealousy head on, taking satisfaction from hitting him where he’s most vulnerable—his ego. “So that you can do what?” I laugh. “Get Roch to throw him in the pool? Beat him up?”

The corners of his eyes crinkle. “Never mind.” His smile is cruel. “I’ll find out.” Wrapping his free hand around my neck, he applies slight pressure. “When I k!ll him, it won’t matter that he’s been inside you.” He watches me, letting me see the intention in his eyes. “You know why?” He swoops in, inhaling deeply as he drags his nose over my temple before pressing a whisper on my ear. “I’m going to f#ck him out of you.”

Note: Love Like Poison is the first book in the Corsican Crime Lord series and ends on a cliffhanger. Sabella and Angelo’s story continues in Hate Like Honey, Book Two. The story includes violence, a hate relationship, an unredeemable alpha-hole, and scenes not recommended for sensitive readers. If you don’t like your stories disturbingly dark, spicy, and emotional, don’t open this door. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

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