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Surprise cover reveal!

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


Here they are, the covers for my dark romance duet, designed by the amazing Kellie Dennis​ from Book Cover by Design. They will be published back-to-back on 10 October and 14 November. Pre-order links will follow next week. To add the books to your want-to-read list on Goodreads you can follow these links:



Dubious (Book 1)
I’m a loan shark. Breaking people is in my blood. The Haynes’s were supposed to be a straightforward job. Go in and pull the trigger twice. One bullet for Charlie, one for his sister. But when I saw Valentina, I wanted her. Only, in our world, those who owe us don’t get second chances. No way in hell will my mother let her live. So I devised a plan to keep her.

It’s depraved.
It’s immoral.
It’s dubious.

It’s perfect.
Just like her.


Consent (Book 2)
When Gabriel broke down my door, he took over my body and life. Never with force, but always with clever manipulation. He stripped me of my independence, my defenses, and my clothes and turned me into an addict. My addiction is him.

Once, I had dreams and a future. Now, I have fears, scars, and insatiable needs. I’m damaged beyond repair, but if I’m to survive the most dangerous man in Johannesburg, I can’t allow him to break me, because broken toys are destined for the garbage dump.



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Can she love a murderer?

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls

3 Days to go! Scapulimancist goes live on 10 January.

There are a hundred reasons why Sara should stay away from Wayne. Number one, he is an ex-convict. Number two, she has to claim his land to save the elephants. Number three, she is hiding a forbidden gift, a secret that can get her and anyone close to her killed. But most important of all, can she trust her body and heart to a murderer? When neither can resist the attraction, things can only get dangerously out of hand.

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Pre-order discount for Scapulimancist

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls

Pre-orders for Scapulimancist (Book 7, Seven Forbidden Arts) are live! A pre-order discount applies (pre-order price $2.99) just until the launch date of 10 January (regular price $4.99). You can pre-order from:

This one plays off in my home country, South Africa, in Knysna, near to where my family live, and is very close to my heart. I hope you will enjoy reading Wayne and Sara’s story as much I as enjoyed writing it.


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An ex-convict and wildlife ranger romance

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls

Are you ready for ex-convict, Wayne and park ranger, Sara’s story? Scapulimancist, the ANIMAL book of the SEVEN FORBIDDEN ARTS series, will be published on 10 January. This is Book 7 of the series but also reads as a standalone. For best reading enjoyment and character insight it is recommended to read the series in order.

A woman on a mission to save the elephants…
An ex-convict who won’t part with his land…
When their passion and goals collide, the crash is volatile.

Sara Graham has no idea what she is getting herself into when she uses her forbidden art to protect the near-extinct elephants and their habitat in the Knysna forest, South Africa. From the minute she sets foot in the woodcutters’ bar, she endangers her life. The gift hunters who would kill for her art are not the only threat. The wood smugglers will sooner murder her than let the National Parks Board ranger stand in their way. Falling for woodcutter and ex-convict, Wayne West, only further complicates matters. Can Sara trust a man convicted of the cruelest of murders?

Danger comes to town with a green SANParks vest and a tight body. Wayne knows Sara is all kinds of trouble from the first time he lays eyes on her in the bar. Alone, she doesn’t stand a chance. If he protects her, he will not only be branded as a traitor with the woodcutters, but he may also lose his job, and worse, his land. That is to say if they make it out alive. Even then, can he forgive her for taking the only thing he has left?

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Ivan has arrived!

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


Necromancist is now live! Ivan Kray is back after nine years to make good on his promises. This is Book 6 in dark, supernatural Seven Forbidden Arts romance series, but also reads as a standalone. Necromancist is available from these vendors in eBook and paperback format:

Nook / Barnes & Noble



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You have a date with Ivan Kray…

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


– A dark supernatural romance –

Coming to town on 11 October!

There are but two truths in life.
Not everyone dies, and only people with money get what they want.
It turns out he’s made the money, and he knows what he wants.
Same thing as always.
Alice Jones.

Read More / Preorder now

Get the first 5 books of the SEVEN FORBIDDEN ARTS series in a discounted box set!



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Are you ready for Ivan Kray?

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


– A dark supernatural romance –

The necromancist is coming to London to take back what is his. Meet Ivan Kray, the world’s most twisted bad boy, on 11 October.

The poor young man who took Alice Jones’ virginity and left her cold nine years ago is coming to London, now a rock star, to perform in the theatre where Alice works as publicity officer. Ivan Kray, labeled as crazy because of the voices in his head, says he’s back to claim what’s his–Alice. Or is his true intention to take revenge for how her wealthy family shunned him?

Read More / Preorder



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Sign up for Ivan Kray!

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


– A dark supernatural romance –

Calling all bloggers

Ivan Kray, who the media has labeled as the world’s craziest star and the most twisted of bad boys, is coming to London soon for one of the biggest performances of his life. If you are a book blogger you can now sign up for the release blitz of Necromancist, the SPIRIT book of the SEVEN FORBIDDEN ARTS series, on 11 October. To participate, please fill out the signup form. A story summary and the rules are included.




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Geomancist goes live!

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls



The day is drawing close! On 12 April Geomancist will be launched in both eBook and paperback format. The book is going on tour on 10 April with an amazing roundup of blog participants. If you would like to enter a giveaway and stand a chance to win a signed paperback copy or an eBook, drop in at one of the stops below. Don’t forget that you can still pre-order the book at the special early bird discounted price of $2.99 (regular price $4.99) just until 12 April.

Participating Blogs

Angee’s After Thoughts
Dreams and Screams Bookaholics
CBB Productions
Bella’s Blog
Between Books
Bloggin With M.Brennan
Book Crazy Lady
Books and Boys Book Blog

Books, Booze, and BDSM
Canadian BookAddict
I A-M a Bookaholic
Jazzy Book Reviews
Kats books promotions
Chatterbooks BookBlog
Mommy’s Late Night Book-Up
My favorite things
Reading Past My Bedtime
Room with books
SusanÕs Books I Like
Teatime and Books
The Bookery Review
The Hoarding Readers Corner
Travel with Books and Coffee
Vampyreladys Fave Books, Reviews & Other Loves
We Read With A Glass Of Wine
Yah Gotta Read This
A Book Addicts Delight
Panty Dropping Book Blog
Diana’s Book Reviews
Here is some of what I read
A Biblioromance Book Blog
Reading Is Dreaming With Open Eyes
Eskimo Princess Book Reviews
Book Worms and Couch Potatoes
Concupiscent Bibliophile
Delightfully Dirty Reads
BeanieBrain Reader
My Book Filled Life
Confessions of a book whore
The Best Basic Blogger
Extreme Bookaholic’s
Spreading the word
Books Are Love
Sweets books
Mythical Books
Behind Closed Doors
Harps Romance Book Review
Perusing Princesses
Sheena, Sharon, Gabri and Jade
Books and Warpaint
Reading Addict
Stormy Nights Reviewing & Bloggin’
Mignon Mykel : Reviews
Book Flirts
Author Sandra Love
Renee Entress’s Blog
Turbulence In The Eye Of The Storm
Books N Pearls
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Usborne Books & More
Ogitchida Kwe’s Book Blog
Lovely Reads
StarAngels Reviews
Lov Romance Books
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2 Girls & Their Kindles
The Writer’s Inkwell
Nice Ladies Naughty Books
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Musings From An Addicted Reader
Underneath the Covers
Coffee Boos & Art
Midnightangel Book Heaven
T&L Book Reviews
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Rustys Reading
Scandalous Book Blog
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BestSellers & BestStellars
Addiction to Reading
Book Boyfriends & Bookgasmsn
The Book Enthusiast
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Indy Book Fairy
Dummy Reads
Books & Bells
Dirty Little Secret’s Book Reviews
Lucky 13 Book Reviews and News
Alpha Book Club
Pretty Little Book Blog
Who you callin a book whore



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Geomancist is available for pre-order

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


3D-Book-Template Geomancist edited


Good news! Geomancist is now available for pre-order.

Get the early bird pre-order discounted price
If you pre-order the book before the official launch date of 12 April, you can benefit from an early bird discounted price of $2.99 (regular price $4.99). Place your order now on Amazon or Smashwords!






Mark-down on all preceding books (limited period)
Haven’t yet read the preceding books in the series? Don’t worry. This is your chance to catch up. All preceding books are marked down from $4.99 to $2.99 just until 12 April. You can get them here:

3D-Book-Template Pyro edited  3D-Book-Template AeroBeginning edited3D-Book-Template Aero edited3D-Book-Template Hydro edited

Pyromancist (Book 1)
Aeromancist, The Beginning (Book 2, a novella)
Aeromancist (Book 3)
Hydromancist (Book 4)



Get the 5-book box set at a bargain price (limited period)
Is the series new to you? You can now get the first 5 books in the series in an eBook box set at a bargain price of $9.99 only until 12 April. The regular price is $16.99.

box-set new edited
The box includes:

Pyromancist (Book 1)
What’s Clelia to do when the man she secretly loves kidnaps and uses her as bait to catch a dangerous criminal?

Aeromancist, The Beginning (Book 2, a novella)
Katherine agrees to become the lover of a mysterious Russian library owner for thirty days.

Aeromancist (Book 3)
Lann couldn’t foresee how his 30-day contract could cost Katherine’s life. He’ll do anything to save her.

Hydromancist (Book 4)
Maya wasn’t supposed to like Tim, let alone sleep with him. Her only focus should be to kill him.

Geomancist (Book 5)
When a drug lord takes Sean’s woman, a paradise island in the Caribbean Sea is about to turn into hell.


Book 6 will be released in August 2016. Watch this space for the launch notification and more special discounts.




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