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Dubious is live!

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls

Dubious has gone live today! If you pre-ordered the book, it would have been delivered to your reading device. If you pre-ordered through Amazon, you would have received a message informing you that your order has been cancelled. Amazon decided to not stock the Dubious or Consent eBooks on their sales platform. They pulled the books off on Friday (6 October) and cancelled all pre-orders. Their reason, as communicated to me by the KDP department, is that both the covers and content violate their content guidelines. I’m trying to fix this with Amazon, but am still waiting to hear back from their Content Validation team. In the meantime, plenty of readers have acquired the books from other retailers. But don’t despair! You can still read the book on your Kindle device. I promised to give my readers an alternative buying option, so here goes! This is your link:


This will take to you Payhip’s shopfront where you can purchase the book in Mobi format for Kindle. When you check out, you will be directed to a PayPal page. Don’t have a PayPal account? Don’t worry. You’ll be offered the option to either pay by credit card or PayPal. And voila! All done. You can immediately download the Mobi file. On top of that, you will also receive an email from Bookfunnel, offering you the choice to download your book to your Kindle device by typing a code onto your device. There are easy steps to follow in the email. Bookfunnel also offers a customer service if you need help with downloading your book, but it’s pretty simple. So, to summarize, you’ll already have the book on your computer if you download from Payhip. You can either email it from your computer to your Kindle device, transfer it manually via a USB cable, or let Bookfunnel take care of that for you.

Where else can you buy the book?


Enjoy the story in your preferred format!


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This isn’t over

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


I promised you a longer excerpt from The Krinar Experiment, which will be released on 12 September with seven other amazing stories in Anna Zaires’ Krinar Kindle World. Here goes!



The smell of roses, female sensuality, and apprehension reached Drako even before the door opened. He knew who’d be walking through it, but he wasn’t prepared for the sight as Ilse stepped into the room. Unlike yesterday, she wore a tight pair of pants that hugged her hips and an off-shoulder sweater that exposed one, creamy shoulder. That small part of flesh bared to him was a thousand times more sensual than the tits that had been flashed in his face.

“Ilse.” He ran his gaze from the top of her head all the way to her feet, taking in every inch that was hidden beneath the layers of clothes.


The sound of his name of her lips did things to him that weren’t supposed to happen while he was chained to a wall. He wanted to feel the warmth that flooded his groin while his hands ran over her body, exploring the womanly need his touch would evoke.

“You’re back,” he said.

She toyed with the end of the braid that hung over her shoulder. “I brought you medicine.”

Wicked images of coiling that braid around his fist while pounding into her from behind made blood rush to his cock. Only sheer willpower prevented it from rising instantly. She was here to treat him professionally, and he didn’t want to scare her away with his inappropriate lust. He craved the feel of her soft hands on his body too much. Instead of moving forward and fulfilling his impatient wish, she simply stood there, looking uncertain. Maybe she wasn’t as brave as she’d seemed yesterday.

Desire made his voice thick. “You better come closer.”

Her lashes lifted, revealing those lovely eyes the color of her planet’s sky. “Excuse me?”

Breathtaking. “If you’re going to give me medicine, you better come closer.”

“Oh.” She sounded out of breath. “I was going to do that.”

He frowned at her nervousness. “Told you already, I won’t bite.”

She scratched around in an oversized bag slung over her shoulder and took out two bottles. “Painkillers and antibiotics.” She flashed a defiant look at the mirror as she said it.

“Are you going to uncuff me?”

He hoped so. It would give him another opportunity to touch her, as warped as it may be to use the situation for his personal, physical interests.

“Yes,” she replied with another look at the mirror.

Immediately, the door opened and a guard threw the key on the floor before shutting it again. She dropped her bag to pick up the key, her pants stretching over her ass. The sight quickened his pulse. The smell of her blood made him wild. Fresh and clean, it was stronger than any aphrodisiac. It didn’t help that he was half-starved and dehydrated.

Like the day before, she climbed on top of the stretcher to reach the cuff around his right wrist. He did the rest. She ordered him to the stretcher and made him sit down.

“I’m going to clean your wounds,” she said, always explaining her actions before touching him.

He couldn’t get enough of watching her. While she worked, he drank in her features. Tiny like a doll, she looked breakable. He’d have to be extra careful with her if he ever got the chance of taking it beyond professional. The improbability of the notion made his chest pinch with an uncomfortable ache. He’d escape, leave this planet, and never see her again.

“Shit,” she mumbled as she unwrapped the bandage on his shoulder.

He tore his gaze away from her eyes to inspect the damage that had her biting her lip so hard. As he’d suspected, the wound was infected.

She inhaled deeply. Shaking two pills from each of the bottles, she handed them to him. “Take this. I’ll get you some water.”

She filled a plastic cup at the basin and held it to his lips. He was so thirsty he drank all of it without taking the pills. Understanding mixed with pain in her eyes. She filled the cup twice more for him, ensuring that he’d swallowed the pills.

Gently, she pressed around the wound. “It doesn’t look good.”

“It’s infected,” he said.

She replied softly without meeting his eyes. “Yes.”

“You did your best.”

“You need…” She swallowed and looked away. Lowering her voice to a whisper, she continued, “You need an operation. If you survived a crash, there could be splintered bone or shrapnel lodged in the muscle tissue.”

His back was turned to the window and with her positioned in front of him the camera couldn’t record the movement of their lips.

He spoke softly enough for the microphone not to pick up his words. “Help me.”

Her look was forlorn. “How?”

“Help me get back to my pod.”

He hesitated. Could he trust her? She’d said she wasn’t working with the SS, and he believed her. He’d smelled no lies on her, only pure, intoxicating woman. He made up his mind. Yes, he’d trust her.

“I can heal myself if I can get to my pod. There’s an advance medicine kit onboard.”

Her eyes flittered in the direction of the mirror. “Where’s your pod?”

“On the rooftop.”

“There are many guards. They’re armed.”

“Get me out of that door, and I’ll do the rest.”

“You mean kill them?”

“Not if I don’t have to.”

She swallowed and looked away.

The mistake he made was to grip her chin and turn her face back to him. The minute his fingers touched her skin, he was lost. He could hear the pulse of the vein throbbing in her neck and smell the enticing cocktail of her blood. Try as he might, he couldn’t break that spell. He was starving, not only for food or blood, but for a hunger he’d never experienced before, something food or drink wouldn’t cure. He opened his legs wider and pulled her between them, forgetting for an Earth second that there were cruel men watching from behind a mirror. His only awareness was this woman and how her touch burned where she gripped his shoulders for balance.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed on a panicked whisper.

“Keep still,” he growled. “I won’t hurt you.”

He cupped her face and pulled her closer, close enough to drag his nose along the arch of her neck to her exposed shoulder. “I just want to smell you.” He closed his eyes. “So good.”

“Drako,” she pushed on his shoulders. “Let me go.”

“Just a taste,” he pleaded, besides beside himself with desire.

With his nakedness, there was no hiding her effect on him. His cock turned painfully erect and his balls drew tight. He was aroused, more than he’d ever been, but so was she. He could smell her feminine heat. Combined with the lure of her blood, it was more than he could bear. Flicking out his tongue, he traced the vein in her neck. She was the most delicious thing he’d tasted in his life.

“Drako.” His name sounded like both an objection and a plea. “Don’t touch me like this.”

“Like how?”

“With your tongue.”

“I may die without ever tasting you.”

“Don’t talk like this. You’re not going to die.”

At the rate his body was deteriorating, his death was a given. She was a medical professional. She should know.

He dropped his hands from her face to her hips, holding her in place to run his tongue over her shoulder. He felt her shiver between his palms.

“You like this,” he said, triumph beating with the darkest of passions in his chest.



“They’re watching.”

“They can’t see. I’m blocking the view.”

“Not like this.”

“Like what?” he said against the juncture of her neck and shoulder.

“You should stop.”

When the faint smell of regret infused with her arousal, he almost did, but he was beyond reason. “I can’t. All I see when I close my eyes is that wet uniform clinging to your body.” His eyes pierced hers. “All I smell,” he slipped his hand from her hip to cup between her legs, “is how wet you are.”

A small gasp escaped her delicate throat. Her eyes grew large as he pulled her onto his lap, making her straddle him. Agent Pete and his cronies might storm through that door any minute, but he was willing to risk his life for a kiss.

“Let me taste you,” he begged against her lips. “Just once.”

Emotions played in her eyes. The mix was so complex he could barely distinguish the smell of her guilt from her fear, but the dominant fragrance was still her desire. He brushed the thick plait of hair over her shoulder, exposing the milky flesh. Winding the braid around his hand just like he’d fantasized, he pulled it down gently to tilt up her head, holding her exactly where he wanted her.

“Open your lips for me,” he instructed.

They remained tightly shut. He didn’t miss the tremble of her mouth or the way her knees clutched him harder.

“Don’t be afraid,” he whispered.

Just one taste, and then he’d let her go. He’d escape, heal his injuries, and get a signal to Krina. She’d carry on with her noble profession and life, forgetting about the prisoner whose injuries she’d treated, but he needed to take this part of her with him, because he already knew he’d never forget her gentleness, goodness, or the way her heat surrounded him and made him dizzy.

Slowly, her body relaxed in his hold. With a small nod, she gave her consent. He didn’t wait. He sealed his lips over hers, tracing the seam with his tongue. Her essence exploded in his senses, rendering him mindless. He was unable to think. He could only feel as heat travelled through his mouth down his spine, boiling his body from the inside out until his cock was about to blow. He delved deeper, thrusting his tongue into her mouth to be rewarded with a whimper. The sound was undiluted need. In a nanosecond, the sparks that sizzled under his skin combusted into flames. He sucked at her lips and tongue with all the hunger he felt, needing to feed on more than her desire. He wanted her very sentiments, the true ones that came from the heart. He needed to feed on her soul. He wanted to own it as much as he wanted to claim her body and keep it all to himself. The fire consumed him until there was only passion in its crudest form. Gnawing lust compelled him to tear his lips from hers, drag them down the column of her throat and open his jaw wide.



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Nothing about this is fair

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls

Who wants a first peek at The Krinar Experiment that is launching on September 12th in the Krinar Kindle World?



I’m in love with Anna Zaires’ Krinar Chronicles. I can’t enough. Which is why I’m over the moon to not only launch a story in the upcoming Kindle World, but to also to read a bunch of new stories by some pretty amazing authors.


Here is an excerpt from The Krinar Experiment to whet your appetites:


He dabbed a napkin to his mouth. “Hungry?”

She should be. On cue, her stomach growled. She didn’t ask, though. Pride, he guessed, prevented her.

He leaned his arms on the counter. “What are you prepared to give me in return for a bite?”

Her blue eyes flared. “You can’t be serious.”

“Why wouldn’t I be? I took an orgasm for your bra. How about you let me make a meal out of your pussy in exchange for this meal?” He pushed the plate toward her. “Doesn’t that sound fair?”

Her nostrils quivered. “Nothing about this is fair.”

“Neither was locking me up, torturing me, and stealing my sperm.”

She looked away.

He gripped her chin and forced her face back to his. “It’s no big deal. All you have to do is hop onto this counter, spread your legs, and a lovely meal awaits you.”


Want more? Check out the amazing line-up of stories to celebrate the launch, or sign up for my newsletter to receive a reminder when the stories go live.




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Surprise cover reveal!

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


Here they are, the covers for my dark romance duet, designed by the amazing Kellie Dennis​ from Book Cover by Design. They will be published back-to-back on 10 October and 14 November. Pre-order links will follow next week. To add the books to your want-to-read list on Goodreads you can follow these links:



Dubious (Book 1)
I’m a loan shark. Breaking people is in my blood. The Haynes’s were supposed to be a straightforward job. Go in and pull the trigger twice. One bullet for Charlie, one for his sister. But when I saw Valentina, I wanted her. Only, in our world, those who owe us don’t get second chances. No way in hell will my mother let her live. So I devised a plan to keep her.

It’s depraved.
It’s immoral.
It’s dubious.

It’s perfect.
Just like her.


Consent (Book 2)
When Gabriel broke down my door, he took over my body and life. Never with force, but always with clever manipulation. He stripped me of my independence, my defenses, and my clothes and turned me into an addict. My addiction is him.

Once, I had dreams and a future. Now, I have fears, scars, and insatiable needs. I’m damaged beyond repair, but if I’m to survive the most dangerous man in Johannesburg, I can’t allow him to break me, because broken toys are destined for the garbage dump.



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Can she love a murderer?

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls

3 Days to go! Scapulimancist goes live on 10 January.

There are a hundred reasons why Sara should stay away from Wayne. Number one, he is an ex-convict. Number two, she has to claim his land to save the elephants. Number three, she is hiding a forbidden gift, a secret that can get her and anyone close to her killed. But most important of all, can she trust her body and heart to a murderer? When neither can resist the attraction, things can only get dangerously out of hand.

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Pre-order discount for Scapulimancist

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls

Pre-orders for Scapulimancist (Book 7, Seven Forbidden Arts) are live! A pre-order discount applies (pre-order price $2.99) just until the launch date of 10 January (regular price $4.99). You can pre-order from:

This one plays off in my home country, South Africa, in Knysna, near to where my family live, and is very close to my heart. I hope you will enjoy reading Wayne and Sara’s story as much I as enjoyed writing it.


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An ex-convict and wildlife ranger romance

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls

Are you ready for ex-convict, Wayne and park ranger, Sara’s story? Scapulimancist, the ANIMAL book of the SEVEN FORBIDDEN ARTS series, will be published on 10 January. This is Book 7 of the series but also reads as a standalone. For best reading enjoyment and character insight it is recommended to read the series in order.

A woman on a mission to save the elephants…
An ex-convict who won’t part with his land…
When their passion and goals collide, the crash is volatile.

Sara Graham has no idea what she is getting herself into when she uses her forbidden art to protect the near-extinct elephants and their habitat in the Knysna forest, South Africa. From the minute she sets foot in the woodcutters’ bar, she endangers her life. The gift hunters who would kill for her art are not the only threat. The wood smugglers will sooner murder her than let the National Parks Board ranger stand in their way. Falling for woodcutter and ex-convict, Wayne West, only further complicates matters. Can Sara trust a man convicted of the cruelest of murders?

Danger comes to town with a green SANParks vest and a tight body. Wayne knows Sara is all kinds of trouble from the first time he lays eyes on her in the bar. Alone, she doesn’t stand a chance. If he protects her, he will not only be branded as a traitor with the woodcutters, but he may also lose his job, and worse, his land. That is to say if they make it out alive. Even then, can he forgive her for taking the only thing he has left?

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Ivan has arrived!

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


Necromancist is now live! Ivan Kray is back after nine years to make good on his promises. This is Book 6 in dark, supernatural Seven Forbidden Arts romance series, but also reads as a standalone. Necromancist is available from these vendors in eBook and paperback format:

Nook / Barnes & Noble



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You have a date with Ivan Kray…

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


– A dark supernatural romance –

Coming to town on 11 October!

There are but two truths in life.
Not everyone dies, and only people with money get what they want.
It turns out he’s made the money, and he knows what he wants.
Same thing as always.
Alice Jones.

Read More / Preorder now

Get the first 5 books of the SEVEN FORBIDDEN ARTS series in a discounted box set!



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Are you ready for Ivan Kray?

Posted on by Charmaine Pauls


– A dark supernatural romance –

The necromancist is coming to London to take back what is his. Meet Ivan Kray, the world’s most twisted bad boy, on 11 October.

The poor young man who took Alice Jones’ virginity and left her cold nine years ago is coming to London, now a rock star, to perform in the theatre where Alice works as publicity officer. Ivan Kray, labeled as crazy because of the voices in his head, says he’s back to claim what’s his–Alice. Or is his true intention to take revenge for how her wealthy family shunned him?

Read More / Preorder



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