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My friend and co-author of Darker Than Love, Anna Zaires, and I have a big surprise for you. We’re releasing the first part of Darker Than Love EARLY and for FREE as our Thanksgiving gift to you.

The prequel is titled Sweeter Than Hate and is available from NOW. If you’re dying to have a sneak peek at this dark, hot, and double-the-trouble romance, this is your chance.

You DO NOT have to read this prequel before Darker Than Love, because the prequel is included in the Darker Than Love novel. If you prefer to read the complete story in one go, please wait for the release on 28 January 2020.

If you decide to snatch up Sweeter Than Hate, we hope you’ll enjoy the beginning of Mina and Yan’s deliciously dark and forbidden tale.

Hugs, and happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!

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Sweeter Than Hate

I shouldn’t have heard the things I did. Shouldn’t have attracted his attention.
Now I feel his stare like a touch. Viscerally. Acutely. 
The Russian assassin has me in his sights, and there’s only one way out.
His bed.
It’s a good thing I’m drawn to danger.